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Andrew Vang is a flutist and composer in Southern California recognized for his passionate sound and deep writing. He is a performer and teacher covering various genres of music that includes classical, contemporary, pop, R&B, Broadway, worship, Asian, and many more. Currently he is highly involved with the Stratus Duo, a flute and saxophone duo with his best friend. Together, they perform for weddings, parties, restaurants, fashion shows and much more. They also run their own teaching studio and their own chamber orchestra. In addition, Andrew held many of his very own concerts and recitals single-handedly that include private recitals, dinner concerts, chamber orchestras, choirs and more. He has also held a concert for the homeless, providing them with food and blankets.


Mr. Vang has performed with one of his local wind ensembles in Summer 2015 at the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall as the principal flutist. He has also has performed with many other orchestras, chamber ensembles, musicals, and operas.


Andrew Vang’s compositions have often been known for being deep and emotional, and his writing has been performed in different countries around the world. He is versatile in his composing ability, writing in the style of classical, jazz, contemporary, pop, and much more.


Moreover, Mr. Vang has been a private instructor since 2008 for flute, piano, and composition. Currently he is on faculty at the Little Chopin School of Music as a theory and composition instructor. He has also taught masterclasses at Stratus Music Academy, The Colburn School of Music and at many other local middle schools and high schools. He has tutored theory to music major students get through their courses at the university level whether it be a class for an undergraduate student or a masters student.


Not only is Vang a performer and teacher, but also is also a flute technician, repairing various brands of flute that include Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Muramatsu, Powell, and many more. 


His teachers in chronological order include John Pacheco (composition), Pam Vliek-Martchev (flute), Eileen Holt (flute), Karen Togashi (flute technician), and Janelle Barrera (flute).


Andrew Vang’s goal as a musician is to be one of the few Hmong individuals who make music a significant influence to society.

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